Rector Candidate Welcome

The Parish of All Saints' Church & St. George's Chapel extends a warm welcome to each person who comes to visit with us and interviews as a new rector candidate. We are a moderately large parish of two congregations, one located in downtown Rehoboth Beach less than one block from the Atlantic Ocean and the second a 300 year old chapel in Harbeson, Delaware now surrounded by the explosive growth of thousands of new homes.

After three long-term rectors, we now seek an experienced rector to lead us into the next chapter of transformative growth and mission. This leader would be a “leader of leaders” working with highly competent staff members and in partnership with the vestry. Strategic thinking is required as together we seek to:  reassess our social justice outreach, deepen our biblical knowledge and challenge our basic assumptions. The candidate will demonstrate imagination, wisdom, and compassion and, with God's guidance, help us express our shared vision and core values rooted in the gospel of Jesus – that God's love includes everyone. We affirm our racial and political diversity, our inclusive LBGTQ community, a welcoming table for all, and weddings for all parish families.

As you review our parish documents prepared for this search, we hope that you will see the outreach activities our parish undertakes, as well as the goals for our future growth. And as you spend more time with us, we feel certain that you will come to appreciate the important role we play in our community and our contributions to those who need our support.

- The Vestry of the Episcopal Parish of All Saints’ Church & St. George’s Chapel.
The message of God is very simple. Love one another. Take care of one another. Take care of creation. And while you're at it, love me--love God. Do that and you will find your way. That is the core of the gospel. That is the only sermon that matters.
- The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop &Primate of The Episcopal Church